Quarantine gives freedom to new discoveries at home

Couple of weeks ago we started to be in quarantine due to COVID-19. As full-time working mother (working from home for last couple of years), I did not expect so many changes in my daily routine. How I was wrong…..

My regular working day: Every morning I wake up at 4AM to be able to touch base on a daily staff with my APAC Team. AT 8AM we have a family breakfast which means different plate for my son, different plate for my husband and at the end different plate for myself. Then my son is going to kindergarten and I can continue working without any issues until my son returns back home from kindergarten and we can start to play. When it is time for dinner, I am cooking and my husband is taking care of our son’ s shower or bath. After that Fairy tale or short cartoon before Good Night mum and dad.

During COVID-19 quarantine things and habits have changed significantly and rapidly.

How I am dealing with daily routines during time of COVID-19?

I have discovered during quarantine period my hidden abilities in the kitchen. Inventing receipts and using my own fantasy during cooking is making me relaxed. I have decided to share some of my receipts with you and you can try these during quarantine period but also while we are back to normal life. Put a headset with lovely music and let’s start.

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